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January 28, 2010

A Short Story

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The Incredible Talented Mr. Riddle
by kess

Part 1

The Riddler has nothing on Mr. Riddle. What the Riddler can only do to Batman Mr. Riddle can do to anyone. Antagonists are usually born out of tragedy, deformity, cruelty, or character flaw. This is not the case with Mr. Riddle. He is who he is and never pretends other wise. As Popeye would say “I yam what I yam and tha’s all what I yam.” While many people wander aimlessly in life Mr. Riddle has a grandiose purpose- be purposely vague, purposely furtive, purposely unclear, and purposely obtuse.

But before you start attaching terminology to Mr. Riddle you must understand something- this ability, to speak in veiled and unclear language, is known as Riddlenomics. Obviously no one will ever find Riddlenomics on the shelf in the Public Library, or in the Hallways of Great Universities, neither will you find it on any search engine on the Wide World of the Internet, not even in Public Schools. You will find nothing, so, save yourself some stress free time looking. No, the reason you won’t discover Riddlenomics is that it is a mental assent system shrouded in dark secrecy, protected by infinitely small creatures called Riddlemites. It would thus be impossible for any one person to discover this entirely on their own accord as Riddlenomics can only be revealed to a select people through a process named Riddlenomedascious.

So, now you know why Mr. Riddle is who he is but here is another secret that you probably have already figured out. Mr. Riddle is not his real name. The world in which Mr. Riddle lives, the one in which he interacts with you, goes by another name. He despises his real name for sure but understands he must use it for the time being. This helps his cause after all. You would be alarmed to realize that you know him well and that his name is one you would instantly recognize. But the name he secretly cherishes, the name you now know as Mr. Riddle, was given to him on his graduation day by the Dean of Riddledoom University as well as being the top rated student in Riddlenomics. Make no bones about it he is a Riddledoom man through and through and has honed his talents as sharp as a Surgeon’s scalpel. He can serve up a riddle faster than you could say “Riddlenomedascious!” or he, out of pure joy of it all, speaks in such veiled and cryptic language that you would walk away feeling as if you had an itch you couldn’t scratch and an irresistible urge to pound the mud out of someone. Who else could carry out this dastardly deed other than the Incredibly Talented Mr. Riddle? The next question is this- is he sitting next to you? Have you succumbed to Riddlenomics? Are you his next victim?

Next- The Incredibly Talented Mr. Riddle meets Mr. Tru. Part 2


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