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February 14, 2010

The Incredible Talented Mr. Riddle Part 2

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A Short Story by kess
Part 2 “Mr. Tru”

Mr. Tru is friendly, good-hearted, and righteous but not in a way that is either offensive or self-righteous. He is dependable; a person you know would help you in a crunch, a good ol soul whom you would talk to and be open with, and a person you realize would never cave on absolute principles. He is true through and through.

Mr. Tru however is not perfect. He is true to his convictions but is as every bit fallible as you and I. Sometimes he doesn’t brush his teeth in the mornings, he wears the same tee-shirt for days, he fumbles around for his keys or glasses far too often than even he would care to admit, he laughs at his own jokes (for instance, when he says “Knock, Knock” and the other person responds knowingly “Who’s there?” Mr. Tru will start giggling and is never able to get to the punch line), and then there are days in which he frets over silly minuet things. You probably would not be bothered by these quirks however you would glean instantly the goodness and wholeness of Mr. Tru. In fact, you would see a fellow brother human with all the same problems and issues as you. This fact alone is endearing and immediately you feel a very special connection so by the time you need to say goodbye you have this irresistible urge to hug him, hold him, and never let him go.

Some people are by no choice of their on protagonists but Mr. Tru has known since age twelve that this was his purpose. For some, knowing the difference between right and wrong or understanding the concept of truth is exceedingly difficult thus filled with bad experiences and endless idiotic mistakes but this is not so with Mr. Tru.

His purpose became clear at age twelve while one day venturing out exploring the woods behind his parents home. While skipping and whistling, which he loved to do (his favorite tune to whistle was Dean Martins “That’s Amore”), he noticed a small clearing in which the sun shone through the dense shadowed forest. What captured his attention was the way the rays of the sun seem to dance and have a life of their own. Something about the light was both appealing and awe-inspiring and being the inquisitive boy that he was he reached out with his hand to touch the light. By moving his hand into the light he was overcome with a realization that here was a display of such incredible goodness and truth that tears began to flow, no, not because of sadness but because of the overwhelming gladness and hope that swelled within his heart. For some time he couldn’t speak for the joy was far too overpowering.

In his later life, Mr. Tru would remember this event as his “Tru-matic” experience but of course he understood that this was one of those “provable non-provable” mysteries of faith that every believer has at least once in their lifetime and which everyone knows such experiences are personal, intimate, and private. There are some things that are meant to stay personal between you and the Big Man Upstairs.

Nevertheless you must understand the nature of Mr. Tru’s event experience. Within those beams of Son-light were spectacular microscopic spirit-beings called Tru-nanolites who radiated with such pure truth that, sad to say, many people would be blinded causing them to instinctively throw their hands up to hide the glare from their eyes but for others, the few, chosen, called, truth gleaned instilling a deep thirst to see beyond the mere physical things of life. As a young boy his parents had taught him well the wonderful ways of the Holy Writ but no one could have readied him for this. The Tru-niverse (the light) in which his hand had touched was super-kineticized energy produced by Tru-travitons for exactly this moment – the moment when everything becomes clear, where you understand the pure truth of things, where things just click, where you understand your purpose. This was that moment for him. His Tru name given and Tru-mission acknowledged.

Now, the moment for his purpose had come. Mr. Tru has a destiny to keep with the Incredibly Talented Mr. Riddle.

Stay tuned for Part 3- A Tru Conclusion of Mr. Riddle


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