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August 20, 2010

The conclusion of The Incredibly Talented Mr. Riddle

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Mr. Riddle and Mr. Tru Meet

by kess

Some things are inevitable. The sun rises, the moon stands tall in the night, the stars twinkle, the baby cries, and Mr. Riddle and Mr. Tru have an appointment to keep. The incredibly talented Mr Riddle was eager for the day to begin. Something is in the air. Taking a deep breath he steps with confidence into the early morning excited, pumped, ready for the challenge. But first things first. A cup of coffee.

Mr. Tru has awakened to an alarm clock that he couldn’t shut off. After what seemed like an eternity he somehow found the cord and unplugged it. I definitely need a cup of java. Hurriedly, he dressed and was in his car headed to the cafe. Sensing an urgency to the morning. He increased his speed.

The Coffee Cafe was a favorite for coffee lovers. If you wanted really good coffee, well, this was the place. The atmosphere was relaxing and you could come in and enjoy your java. Mr. Tru was sitting at his favorite table truly savoring his coffee when a handsome man with thick black hair sat across from him. Mr. Riddle stared for a while watching Mr. Tru drink his coffee then said,
“I knew eventually we would cross paths.”
“Really? That’s an incredible opening line. Full of mystery and stuff” dead-panned Mr. Tru.
“I can see this is going to be an absolutely invigorating moment.”
“Great, you sure see and know a lot. Where have I been?”
“Nothing for me to explain. I just feel it. Know it” Mr. Riddle said casually as he crossed his legs.
“That explains it. Here’s a thought. If I punched you in the face right now, guess what you would do?”
“Feel it. Know it” said Mr. Tru with a straight face.
“What was that, your sad attempt at humor.”
“No, it was a joke. I’m laughing. Hysterically, can’t you tell?”

Mr. Riddle was less than amused. Frowning he leaned forward,
“Let me rain on your good-natured parade. I think you are sad. In fact, when I walked through the door I could smell your kind right off the bat.”
“Really! Well, that does it! I’m suing my deodorant company! Where’s my lawyer!”
“Get serious”
“Oh, come on, don’t have a cow. By the way since we’re all bona fide serious now I have a question, what do you mean, my kind?”
“Well, the kind that think they have the truth. ALL the truth. Holier than thou.”
“I must’ve missed that part of our conversation. Remember this? “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” If that’s what you mean by holier than thou, that’s me.”
“Ah, once again, you’re hiding behind the truth. Come out, come out where-ever you are. You can’t hide even behind truth.”
“Eh, Hello! I’m right here. Truth and all. We come together you know, like a packaged deal”
“I don’t like the package.”
“Sorry. It’s a gift. ”

Mr. Riddle leaned back and grinned,
“You need to give it back then. A gift? To me truth is like a football game, you play, you win, you lose, game over. Big deal. On to something else more sporting.”
“What a philosopher. Hate to hear you preach” observed Mr. Tru. “Ok, football is a decent sort of analogy for truth. Truth is like a football game, except the football is truth. You can pass it, fumble it, make a touchdown with it, kick it, run with it, muff it, intercept it, but no matter the situation the football is always the truth. Without it you would not be able to play. You can’t play the football game without the football can you? You could try a substitute but it wouldn’t feel right nor be right. Nor can you play the game of life without truth. Some people try but they never experience the meaning and joy of the game of life because they are missing truth.”

“Now that was a joke” said Mr. Riddle coldly.
“Thanks. I don’t see you laughing hysterically.”
“Say what you want but you use truth the same way I use the forces around me. I’m not limited to one truth. I have multiple resources that I tune to every day. Instead of being limited to one game I get to play different games rather than one. In fact I use these opportunities and powers every day on your kind. I find it tremendously satisfying to confront those who hold to this truth of yours and watch as they struggle and in the end give in to their fleshly desires. I find it sad that you of all people would succumb to such a dim powerless view given the potential you have. I am disappointed in you brother.”

A moment passed as Mr. Tru smiled,
“Just when I thought we were getting along. So we’re brothers now, after all this time?”
Mr. Riddle spread his arms wide to exaggerate his point, “There can be no light without darkness, love without hate, energy without entropy, or good without evil.”
“I’m touched. You had me at no.”
“Skip your diversionary tactics. I know you find this a despicable fact but we are of the same blood, the same family. We may be total opposites, yes, but for a long while I had hoped, no, yearned for the day we could be real brothers. Brothers of destiny and power. Sadly, your fascination with this truth has turned you into a kind that is in opposition to me. Reconsider, or I’ll be forever nipping at your heals. My bite will come unexpected.”

“Please, brush your teeth first, I don’t want rabies” said Mr. Tru off-handedly. Knowing His moment had arrived continued, “But this is a good day. Even in darkness there is light, in hatred there is love, in the presence of evil there is a corresponding act of goodness. Sure, there is entropy and chaos all around us but there is also the truth that stabilizes. No one can escape the truth. No one. The truth exists at all times and in every place. You claim the truth has turned me into something distasteful, someone you cannot stand, and someone you are ashamed of. How can you claim to be so open-minded and yet so unwilling to see? To you truth has enslaved and blinded me. You are convinced the truth has held me back. But brother, you are mistaken. You can’t give me the truth that will set me free. Your presence here is a testimony of that fact. Your arrival here today wasn’t a mistake or happen-chance. ” And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.” Truth sent me here today for YOU! Why? HE is here. Hear Him! His truth is the real power, destiny, and love you have always longed for. Reach out to my hand now so we can walk this path together. Come, brother”

Mr. Riddle stared silently but the conversation was over. He stood and pointed saying,
“You’ll never see me coming, brother. Till then, I have work to do.”
“No” Mr. Tru answered “You will never see HIM coming, brother!”

The Incredibly Talented Mr. Riddle is among us. Right now he could be sitting next to you at church, having a cup of coffee, be your next door neighbor, or he could be working on you anywhere at anytime carefully using his craft and sharpening his skills. Correspondingly Mr. Tru is among us as well eagerly sharing and demonstrating truth. The truth was the only means to turn away Mr. Riddle.


August 12, 2010

“Heavens to Murgatroyed!”

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Are you frustrated with the direction our Nation is headed these days? Are you irritated with the media or political pundits who classify your deeply held values on homosexuality, abortion, and sexual promiscuity as homophobic, bigotry, or intolerant? How do you feel when you are labeled as biased or a racist when you share a real legitimate concern about Islamic radicalism? Well, if you are like me, it’s enough to make you feel like throwing what my step-mom Exie calls one major hissy fit. Better yet, why not loudly exclaim like Snagglepuss, “Heavens to Murgatroyed!” Let’s say it or shout it out loud together just for the sake of feel-goodism, “Heavens to Murgatroyed!” Now, didn’t that make you feel so much better?

You remember Snagglepuss, right? He was a pink mountain lion cartoon character who lived in a cavern. The cartoon was created in the 1960’s and was mostly on The Yogi Bear Show. What I remember mostly about Snagglepuss was his three famous catchphrases- “Heavens to Murgatroyed”, “Exit, stage left!”, and almost always ending every sentence with, “even!” His colorful language speaks well to my dear old heart these days. I mean think about it. Let’s see if we can apply these catchphrases to the crisis of our day: “Our taxes are going way, way up and that makes me super mad, EVEN!”, “Hey, how can people not see that we are moving towards a more socialist ideology, Heavens to Murgatroyed!” and “Listen, let’s exit, stage left, BEFORE things get any worse around here.”

All of this was a little humorous to me until the Holy Spirit worked on my heart. God is in control regardless of our feelings. We should not let our doubts or negative experiences control us. As hard as it was to admit, mainly because I really wanted to throw a hissy fit, God has placed you and I right where He wants for His purpose. We are where we are for a reason not happen-chance.

Think for a moment- all those who have ever been martyred for Christ have shouted out “Heavens to Murgatroyed” or you can bet something similar. But in the end they remained true to their convictions. Because of the times in which we live and the total mess around us we may be ready to scream or shout or sadly give in. I had to re-examine my attitude about all this because the truth nailed me between the eyes. How? God is greater than my petty complaints. God is using these events and experiences of our day to get our attention and cause us to hold on even tighter to His Word and eternal life. Right now God is expecting all of His believers to remain faithful, to stand firm, and be a light to the world. This isn’t easy but we know instinctively that it never has been. But, here is what we know for certain, “Who shall bring a charge against God’s elect? It is God who justifies. Who is he who condemns? It is Christ who died, and furthermore is also risen, who is even at the right hand of God, who also makes intercession for us. Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? As it is written: “For Your sake we are killed all day long; We are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.” Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.” (Romans 8:33-37) What more motivation do we need?

One day we’ll all exit, stage left, right into Heaven, even! Wow, Heavens to Murgatroyed!

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