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January 17, 2012

The Sinai Skunk

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The Sinai Skunk

There was once a skunk who lived near the Mountain of Sinai.

He always wanted to climb to the top but never would try.

He heard of the One there who dealt swiftly with those who tried,

So, he would meander close then look to the top and simply sigh.

The skunk wondered every day as he passed,‘Do I try, Do I,Do I?’

But the fear of the One was just too real, ‘Why should I die oh why,oh why?’

But one day he thought as he passed by ,“Today I won’t be denied, denied!”

So, he scampered along with feverous delight, determined to climb or die,

Towards the mountain he hurried full of grit and then charged with this cry

“I‘ll die to reach the top and to meet the One who rules the sky,the sky!”

Suddenly the earth shook, thunder crashed, and a trumpet blew from on high.

The skunk turned trembling with fear & awe for the One had spoken why.

Thus the skunk lived joyfully on, knowing the One was up there, ruling, keeping an eye.



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