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March 1, 2012

The Dark Shadows (by Bruce Kessler)

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Chapter 1
Something in the Shadows

In the dark shadows something waited silently, hungrily, expectantly. The little boy could hardly describe what he felt and certainly could not articulate verbally what he knew to be true in his soul. His sister would call him a baby and his dad, well; his dad would simply think he was letting his imaginations get the best of him. Yet, this was no imagination. Now, he knew what imaginations were. They were like dreams but different in that you could think of fantastic adventures in your brain while awake. You can imagine anytime which was cool but this was not a dream, not an imagination, and anything but cool. So, he lay listening under the safety net of his covers. It’s a universal truth. Every kid on the planet is naturally given this ‘safety under the covers’ knowledge hence every evil lurking thing has to respect that once the child is under the covers there are certain rules of battle to follow. He hoped. Now, under his Fort Knox cover, he was trying not to freak out and start raving like a lunatic. His sister had told him all about lunatics and how they would go super nova all of a sudden; then, people in white coats would drive up in a white van to take them away forever. He certainly didn’t want that white van with the weird white coated strangers to come and take him away! But, he decided that his sister was really lame when it came to lunatics. He never met a raving lunatic before but he thought that perhaps what caused them to go super nova was something they had seen in the dark shadows. He knew. To Kess his little heart was pounding loud enough to peel the paint off the walls but not so loud to not sense furtive movement in the far corner of his bedroom.


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