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August 16, 2015

Protected: I Am Luke

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August 4, 2015

Cecil Am I

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Cecil was majestic and beautiful.  He was of a kingly nature.  In many ways he was both courageous and innocent.  He had a keen sense.  Surrounded by nature and a vast wilderness he had so much potential.   Though at peace with nature there was something undefinable, something beyond that caused in him great stress.  The struggle for survival defined him and gave him purpose.  Yet, here on the precipice of greatness, to roar, to live, to fulfil his destiny, the attack came with extreme brutality.

Cruel and void of reason; the attacker was vicious.  Cecil could not escape his ultimate confinement and faced a resilient foe.

The weapon had penetrated and was fatal.  Unimaginable pain coursed his body.  He tried crying out but managed only to gape in silence.   Death would not come for an agonizing 10 minutes.  Tears dropped as he struggled valiantly against the sharp cold blade that pierced his neck.  The attacker was resolute.  No pity, just business after all.  Trophy secured. Cecil succumbed to the ravages of partial term abortion.


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