The Write Place- Curtis Bruce Kessler

August 24, 2017


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From his advantage point the sky is always clear.  That said there are those rare occasions when strange events take place. When light bends and curves, when dust particles bounce around him then slowly settles. Unperturbed and undisturbed he waits. Generally speaking he is unmoved by these brief singularities.

His attention is focused on something far more important.

His eye is always drawn towards that blue diamond above.  Radiant, beaming, inviting, beckoning.  For since a millennia  he has contemplated this unparalleled beauty. Beyond the horizon this perpetual glory remains a source of light and promise. A constant companion.

Awe-inspiring this bright angular wonder!

Peering through the great gulf towards the gleaming jewel he swells in rapture.  A powerful stirring of something wondrous. He waits. Yearning.

One may think his condition is quite sad or unbearable. Yet, he knows he has the best seat in the universe. He is blessed.

Nudged within the continental area covered by precious snow-like thin dust. Made of composites of silicates, nitrogen, and titanium he is unmoved. Unfazed by time. Luminous.

His eye never wavers from that blue diamond in the sky.




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