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February 24, 2012

It Might Save Your Life

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I have been reading with great sadness the news reports these past few weeks of people being ejected from their vehicle after a crash.  One driver has died recently and another driver is clinging to life. The police press report shared by Joel Pruett in the Norman Transcript 2/24/2012 noted that this was the second major accident in which a driver was ejected for not wearing a seat belt. The quote that caught my eye stated “Take a few seconds; put on your seatbelt. It just might save your life.”  Oh how this statement hits home!  I wonder, what is the value I place on life with the precious seconds I’ve been granted?

Many times we just do things off the cuff.  Without any real reason or thought we just act and never contemplate the likelihood of disaster that is waiting around the corner.  Life is that precarious and indeed life is that precious.  How easy it is to forget that the little details in our lives has as much to do with cause and effect as the major decisions we place so much attention to.  It’s the little things that count someone once said.  But, truly, those little details (those little things) are absolutely critical.

“It might save your life” is a truism. But, this is a true cautionary statement about life. Yes, putting on your seatbelt may indeed save your life but there is no such thing as a guarantee. No one can say that by putting on your seatbelt your life and survival is a certainty.  This is why every second counts. The seconds you take in putting on your seatbelt, the seconds you take in telling someone you love them, the seconds you take to hug your dad or mom, the seconds you take to praise your children, the seconds you take to hold someone’s hand in prayer, or the seconds it takes to simply say please forgive me are seconds that life is made of.

You see, this is not about the seatbelt per se but is and always will be about those precious seconds, those seconds that many of us wish we could have back.

Man in serious condition after crash



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